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We regret to inform you that QPweb is not available presently due to security-related maintanenace problems at the University of Veterinary Science Budapest, the institute that used to host our software through the past decade or so. We are working to solve these problems asap and we will inform you here about the solution. We hope that QPweb will work again either at it's former web address or at a new address. Anyway, we will soon inform you about the new adress here.


Untill then, below we recommend the good old version of Quantitative Parasitolgy, that is QP3.0.



Quantitative Parasitology 3.0


This software provides statistical tools to analyse and compare the highly aggregated (right-skewed) frequency distributions exhibited by parasites. However, it can handle only monotypic (single species) infections.  


QP3.0 can be downloaded from here


CAUTION! This software is not up to date, and we recommend using it only as a temporary solution untill we sole the problems with QPweb. The "aggregation indices" module of this version does not work under Win10, only under former versions of Windows (like Win7). In spite of that, some of you may benefit from using QP3.0 untill we fix maintenace probleb with QPweb. Find a brief guide here.



All versions of Quantitative Parasitology are free for distribution and use in education and science. However, we ask users to acknowledge our biostatistical research and development efforts by citing our recent review:


 Reiczigel J, Marozzi M, Fábián I, Rózsa L 2019.

         Biostatistics for parasitologists – a primer to Quantitative Parasitology.

         Trends in Parasitology – in press.



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